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melinda santikham

Working with Mike has made our journey to buying our first home less stressful and actually enjoyable!! He’s experienced and really understands the market. He was able to predict outcomes, expectations and strategies in all aspects of the realty (e.g. how much we should bid as to not go above what the house is actually worth). He put an emphasis on the fact that we’re buying the neighborhood and not just the house. This makes sense because if we wanted to sell the house later, we would want a house that will grow in value and the value will only grow if its surroundings are also flourishing. He definitely looked out for our best interests. He gave us his honest opinions about the houses we toured. He wanted to find something for us that had what we really wanted and not something we just wanted to ‘settle’ for. Another phrase he goes by is that he wanted us to get a house for ‘more bang for our buck.’ We wanted a bigger home and he definitely showed us houses that gave us more square footage per dollar.

At the end, he helped us find a 4bed/2.5 bath home for under $290k in a great neighborhood!! No bidding war won on the first offer! Overall I can truly attest that Mike is a genuinely hardworking, good guy. It took us 2 months to find the right home and 30 days to close. He had his trusted vendor’s complete meticulous inspections and appraisals, just to make sure the house was in order and we were going to get what we paid for. Last but not least, we closed, got funded and approved to move in on the SAME day!! I’ve learned that this is near impossible but Mike made it happen! Notable mention also goes out to Mike’s loan specialist, Greg at GFL Capital Mortgage. Greg is another Rockstar in his own right. There’s no question that I would definitely recommend Mike and his team to anyone that is looking for a house to call home. Thanks again Mike!!