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mike lee was extremely helpful in getting my girlfriend and I into our new home. not only did his service meet our needs, he went above and beyond to make sure that we got the best out of our deal. since this is our first home, I’ve talked to other home buyers about their experiences and a lot of them told me how difficult, stressful, and long the process was. mike made it so easy to go through, that it felt like all I had to do was sign the documents. he ensured the disclosures were to my satisfaction, the terms met my needs, and that the numbers met my finances. and he did all this while traveling from Sacramento to Concord to help me with the home! I can’t say enough about how Mike helped my girlfriend and I achieve our dream of being homeowners. all I can say is if you need someone who is an expert on home buying, patient, and understanding of your needs, mike lee is the way to go!